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Free Housing in the Metro Atlanta area for single mothers.

ladytech started this conversation
I have just be blessed to find information on Free and low income housing in the Metro Atlanta area. There are several programs available, including the option of earning free rent. The single parents can receive free childcare and after school programs. You also receive 2 free visits a month to the hair salon and clothing from the clothing closet. All utilities are included and are located on the Marta Transit Line. All units are fully furnished with new furniture. Students or those moving in from out of state are urged to apply. Start over in a new area. If anyone is interested you can contact me and I will post the the link when they supply it to me. Gook Luck in Life and keep your head up.
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sonshinesas   in reply to shonykaye
That was posted in 2012, the person that posted it has not came back nor updated.
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shonykaye   in reply to AlwaysAnd4Ever
Let me know the information when you find out please & thanks
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sonshinesas   in reply to Islandqtie
Sorry this was way back 2012 I believe, no updates since.
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I would like info on these units..I want to move from charlotte, nc area with my 8 yr old son. I have no job yet.
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I need help for me and my two small girls with health problems I have no money by August 1
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sonshinesas   in reply to AlwaysAnd4Ever
Sorry no funds here just information. Try to get some child support to help out. Call 211 for local info
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I'm in need of emergency housing for my two lil ones and myself. Every where I call there's no help...what am I to do..smh
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Can you help me get more info my name is danni
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hey im a single mother of two. homeless with no where to go , if you could help that would be great.
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mom relocated
What is the name of a place. I just moved here with my son. We are with a relative now but we need longer temp housing. Help please
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Yes I like that information
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nazzsdee   in reply to Triciannjones
Try privite non profit organizations !! you can find them on line. MY Gov Beneifits .Com. fill out form.
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Hello my name is Patricia Jones, Im now living in Augusta Ga this is my hometown,Im in a trasitional program that help single parents out,But im so ready to start a new life an I really want to move to the Atlanta ga area it just that I need some free assistance because I don't have a job right now Im just tring to get out of the area im in,can you please help me with some information

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I always be self efficient woman.I traveled through difficult times. Once my mother died I lost faith and guidance. Sincerely healed from massive grief but now struggle as a, single mother in a difficult economy. I'm limited in career options because my schedule needed according to my young child.I lost our home and now I drafting trying to hold on to my sanity to function at work. I need a hand every step forward is recovering from past obligations. I need a roof over my child head so I can be support her in a stable environment. I never had to ask but now I need to.
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can i PLEASE get this link ...
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Hi im single and im 24 yrs im pregnant and i have a 1yr old daughter i am homeless now needing a place to go today but i dont have transportation and i stay in arlington texas i tried to sign up for programs they told me i had to wait at least 2 to 3months or so im trying to see what do i do o have diabetics i get foodstamps on the 11th but dont have nowhere to go please help somebody anybody desperate
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sheek86   in reply to sheek86
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I'm looking for help I'm living in Brunswick .ga I have a place3 yr old and I have no more money to pay for this hotel room any help is better then nothing
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Prepared
Hi ladytech hasn't been on in years sorry
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send link
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